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You were absolutely right! This show is fueled by food and the day your cake arrived was a red letter day for us. We get a regular diet around here of doughnuts, cookies, chocolates, croissants, and more doughnuts, cookies, candy, etc....in other words, a typical junk food diet. Now, your cake was different; not only was it delicious but we almost felt virtuous eating it ---after all, it contained fruit, and fruit’s good for you, isn’t it? Anyway, we were so convinced that it was healthy for us that we polished it all---yes, all three cakes---in about an hour. Now is that a record, or isn’t it? By the way, there were about 10 of us picking at it.....
So this is a big fat thank you! We all loved it and really appreciated your taking the time and trouble to send it to us.
We’ll remember you in our wills.

Vicki Gabereau CBC Radio Vancouver (1991)


It’ll be harder to talk with my mouth full of fruit cake.....but I’ll do my best!
Thanks so much for sending it.
Best wishes for the holiday season,

Peter Gzowski
Morningside, CBC Radio
Toronto Ontario

November 18, 1991.


"Sales of your cakes here at St. George's over several years has been a much appreciated way for our Ladies' Guild to raise money for various church projects. The nice thing about selling your cakes is that we're able to presell because of your product's reputation for being consistently delicious! We have one member who buys a box of three pieces, then comes back the following week for another box, because the family "got into them." Your cakes are consistently delicious from year to year. We know what to expect, and for us, that's what makes the cakes sell themselves with no effort. We'll always be indebted to our mutual friend, Charlie, for introducing your product to St. George's."

"If you're looking for a sure-fire fundraiser, stock up on Linkert's Christmas cake. You won't find better service. You won't find better flavour anywhere! St.George's has been selling Christmas cake for years----we sell out every year!"


Joe Pearce (Rector's Warden)

St.George's Reformed Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Ontario



Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas cake---we talked about making them on air, but I didn’t make one for myself! I should tell you that we cut it into slices and everyone at Morningside enjoyed a piece.

Thanks again. Best wishes for 1989,


 Peter Gzowski Morningside CBC Radio


Thanks once again for the wonderful (if hernia-inducing) gift box that arrived this morning. Everybody loves that fruitcake and melt-in-your-mouth shortbread.
(I put one aside for Loretta!)

Thank you and happy holidays---
Bob (MacAdorey)
Global Television, Toronto Ontario

December 16, 1998

The gift baskets we received from Linkert Country Bakery were a perfect way to send warm holiday wishes. The fresh assortment of holiday treats were beautifully wrapped and catered to our holiday needs!

Mimac Glaze Limited,
Brampton, Ontario


The Christmas cakes that were purchased in 2013 were excellent and were well received by customers and suppliers. It is marvelous to find such high quality still available in the market place at present.

M.L.G.Enterprises Ltd.,
Mississauga, Ontario


Christmas cake that tastes as good as I remember it should!"

W. Ewaschuk


All my life I have had a dislike for fruitcake, that is till I tried Linkerts. It is now a family tradition! They also have the best shortbread, cheese bread and the list goes on and on!

B Peckford,
Tory Hill, Ontario


This fruitcake will have you loving fruitcake all over again!

Angela Finlay


Please let prospective customers know that in my first year of dealing with you and with Linkert, I was very favourably impressed by both your products(tasty, piping fresh and attractive), and also by your old-fashioned (read: impressive) manner of doing business:
cheery, prompt and going the extra mile (kilometre?) to make sure that customer needs are not just met, but exceeded! Bravo! See you in September!

W Skomra (Manito Shrine Club)
Duntroon, Ontario

I've had the pleasure of indulging in a wide array of your Baked Goodies over the years. All were Scrumptious! Thank you...Plus, your staff is very dedicated & hard working, especially the one on the front of this card.

Cathy Stark,
Springbrook, Ontario.

*Note: This reference is to 25 plus year employee Theresa Davidson, whose work ethic and skill is obviously well-known.



"Best Fruitcake ever!"

Deanna van Bilsen
Toronto, Ontario


"It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.
Better still, light three."
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